Holt's work in
the United States
began in 1978

In 2019, more than 1,181 children and families in the U.S. received support.

Across the world, Holt strives to give children and families the support and resources they need to thrive. Children and families in the United States are no different. Through Holt's U.S. programs, children in an overcrowded foster care system are able to join the loving, permanent families they deserve. Adoptees and adoptive families receive the support and resources they need to thrive throughout their lives. Women facing unplanned pregnancy receive the guidance and support they need to make decisions about their child's future. Struggling moms are empowered to successfully parent their children. And through Holt's domestic infant adoption program, newborn babies go home to adoptive families while keeping an open relationship with their birth families. Always, Holt keeps the child's best interest at the forefront of every decision.

Family Strengthening Programs

In the U.S., Holt helps families access the tools and resources they need to help their kids grow up safe and healthy. In the Chicago area, Holt also offers a range of services for struggling families, single parents and women facing unplanned pregnancy — helping families become stronger, and giving them hope for a better future.

Foster Care Programs

When children enter the foster care system, some are ultimately able to reunite with their families. For children in Oregon and Washington who cannot safely reunite with their families, Holt helps them stay in the care of a foster family while they wait to go home to an adoptive family — and also helps families adopt through the foster care system. Holt plans to expand foster care programming to continue to reach the most vulnerable children in the U.S.

Adoption Programs

Whether families choose to adopt or simply complete the homestudy portion of their adoption through Holt, we walk alongside them every step of the way. Holt pioneered international adoption over 60 years ago, and remains a global leader today — uniting children from nine countries with families in all 50 states. Holt also has domestic adoption programs in six states, and branch offices providing direct homestudy services in 13 states across the U.S.

Post-Adoption Services

The adoption journey doesn't end when a child arrives home. For adoptive families and Adoptees, Holt provides lifelong support through a robust and innovative offering of post-adoption services. Our post-adoption team stands by Adoptees and adoptive families for life – every step of the way, no matter what life brings. Whether you want to connect with other Adoptees or explore your history or heritage, Holt's post-adoption team offers helpful services and resources – just for you and your family.

A Message from Greg Eubanks,
Senior Vice President for Domestic Programs

Since the 1950s, Holt's work in Creswell, Oregon and Seoul, Korea has expanded around the world and across the United States. Our domestic work includes licensed adoption services in 14 states, including homestudy assessments and post-placement services, domestic infant adoption, and adoption from foster care. From coast to coast, we stand ready to support adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents for life. Like our programs around the world, Holt's domestic programs reach beyond adoption, offering services to strengthen families through counseling, education and training. In the Midwest, we work with expectant parents to explore all options available when facing an unplanned pregnancy. For those who choose to parent, our Empowering Families program equips them with the tools and support needed to achieve self-sufficiency and keep their family intact. We also have programs in the Northwest, supporting those who volunteer to provide temporary foster care for children until they can safely reunite with their families of origin. In every case, we are motivated to ensure that every child has a loving and secure home, whether they live across the world or in our own neighborhood.

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