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The Need
After the abrupt fall and dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, Mongolia lost all economic subsidies. Shortly afterward, a series of natural disasters severely affected Mongolia's lifeblood - livestock and herding - and worsened the country's difficult transition to a free market economy. As families strained to adapt to a new way of life, alcoholism increased, the number of single-parent households grew and many children ended up abandoned or homeless.

Today, nearly one in four people live on less than 40 cents a day. Unable to provide adequate food and clothing, many impoverished parents seek outside care for their children. Often, institutions offer a temporary care solution while struggling parents work toward stability.

Our Work
In 1999, Holt began to serve homeless children in Ulaanbaatar through a partnership with the Mongolian NGO the Naidvar Center. Holt also established ties with the Infant Sanitorium (IS), Mongolia's primary government care center for abandoned children under three. Together, IS and Holt developed the Rainbow Special Baby Care Unit, providing at-risk infants and toddlers with the proper nutrition, medical care and nurture they needed to recover and thrive.

With poverty the primary cause of child abandonment in Mongolia, Holt began working with struggling families to help stabilize their income in 2010. Holt provides economic support to the most destitute families in Ulaanbaatar - primarily households headed by single mothers. This program enables parents to care for their children while they find the means to support their family independently.

While children in care wait to rejoin their birth families or join adoptive families, Holt helps ensure the ongoing support for those living in two state orphanages. Holt supplements the nutrition of children at both the Infant Sanitorium and at No. 58 Kindergarten, a government-run institution caring for children ages 3 to 8. The Rainbow Special Baby Care Unit also continues to provide loving care for 35-50 infants and toddlers, some of whom have moderate to more serious special needs. Today, Holt continues to fund special medical services, clothes, toys and equipment for the children and training for the staff at the Rainbow SBCU.

Help Support Children and Families in Mongolia!
Give a Gift of Hope!
Whether for Christmas or another occasion, giving from Holt's gift catalog is a wonderful way to honor a loved one. Keep a child warm and safe with the gift of clothing, shoes or bedding. Or help provide basic healthcare, life-saving food or a needed medical procedure for a vulnerable child.

Sponsor a child!

For $30/month, your gift will help provide food, warm clothing, safe shelter and loving, attentive care for a child in Mongolia.

An expanded version of this document is available as a PDF. Click here.
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