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Your sponsorship helps Yao fly! Read a letter from 10-year-old Yao in China, in which she thanks her sponsor for helping her “fly freely in this blue sky.”

yao from your sponsorship helps yao fly

When you sponsor a child, you are offering more than just financial support. Sponsorship not only brings an opportunity to provide necessities for a child in need, it also provides the chance for you — and your sponsored child — to share your heart through letters and pictures.

Yao lives with her mother, a single parent who had a difficult time meeting her daughter’s basic needs. After joining Holt’s family strengthening program in China, Yao was matched with a sponsor like you who helped provide all the materials she needed for school and nutritious meals every day. Yao’s teachers say she is an exceptional student and she was recently named an “Honored Student” at her school.

Read the letter she wrote to her sponsor below!

picture of yaos letter

Dear sponsor, 

All of my thoughts can be expressed by one word:

THANK YOU! Thank you all for reaching out your hands to me when troubles came. It’s your help that makes the seemingly unsolvable difficulties a piece of cake. It’s your help that enables me to fly freely in this blue sky. It’s your help that helps me to realize my dreams.

My mother always mentions a Chinese saying: Repay as much as you can for even a little bit of favor you have received. Yes! Then how shall I repay you? I think I will do so by studying hard to become a useful person in society. I will learn from you and help those in need!

Best Regards, Yao

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