The Love & Care She Needs

Nin is healthy and thriving with her family, thanks to Holt donors helping to cover her medical expenses.  

Nin was born with a lot of health issues. She has Down syndrome, had to have a surgery on her head, and also had severe digestive issues. 

Her parents didn’t make a lot of money, but they loved Nin and took great care of her — saving their money and even holding fundraisers to give Nin the medical care she needed. 

But then, just before Nin turned 1, her mom and dad died in a tragic car accident. Suddenly, she was an orphan. And with such complex health issues, who would be able to take care of her? 

Thankfully, Holt donors are helping to make sure Nin gets the love and medical care she needs. 

Nin now lives with her aunt and uncle in southern Thailand, and she’s receiving everything that that she needs to thrive in their loving care. 

In fact, Nin had another surgery in March 2022, and Holt donors helped cover all of the expenses! Even the funds needed to travel to and from the hospital. 

You’re also helping to provide the everyday items that Nin’s family needs to take care of her: infant formula, baby food, diapers and more. 

It takes a lot to care for a child like Nin. She needed critical and complex health care. But it’s also so critical that she grows up with her family. Because of you, Nin can have both of these things: medical care, and a loving family. 

Nin’s story started out tragic. But because of your help, she’s receiving all of the love and medical care she needs to thrive. 

Thank you for giving her the very best chance at life. 

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