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You Helped Keep Her Children Out of the Orphanage

Deep poverty caused by the pandemic almost forced Mou to place her four children in an orphanage. But then the Gift of Hope of a business microgrant allowed her children to remain in her loving care. 

Mou, her husband and their four children live in an impoverished, rural part of Cambodia. She and her husband used to migrate to Thailand for work, leaving their children with extended family while they were gone. 

They came home to Cambodia to visit in 2019, but then the pandemic hit and they couldn’t return to Thailand. They had no jobs, and zero income. They couldn’t provide enough food for their children. Like many families in this kind of crisis situation, they began to consider their very last resort — placing their children in an orphanage. 

But then generous Holt donors gave a Gift of Hope that saved their family — a small business microgrant

With these funds, Mou and her husband started a small business selling cakes and noodles in the local market. Every day, they earned an income — enough to buy food and everything else their children needed. 

“The situation of the family is slowly getting better now,” says a social worker at Holt Cambodia. “The kids have food to eat and continue their studies. Most importantly, they are able to stay together with their parents.” 

This is because of the generosity of Holt donors. You helped give this family a thriving business, which means that their children don’t have to go to an orphanage. Instead, they’ll remain in the care of their loving family. 

“Thank you” will never be enough.

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Gifts of Hope come in all shapes and sizes and have the power to change a child and family’s life.

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