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For Jia Xin, the gift of education from her sponsor has brought joy, gratitude and friendship. 

Jia Xin, 13, lives in northeast China. When she was very young, her parents divorced and she went to live with her grandparents, both of whom are in poor health and rely on temporary work to make ends meets. Because of their poverty, Jia Xin’s grandparents are unable to pay her school fees and also need help with other aspects of daily life.

Thankfully, Jia Xin is now enrolled in Holt’s family strengthening program in her community, which was started in August 2014 to help children living in impoverished families. Through the project, a Holt sponsor began supporting Jia Xin via monthly donations that assist her family with the cost of food, tuition and school supplies.

Last July, Jia Xin graduated from elementary school and is now enrolled in middle school. She is in good health, and, according to her grandmother, has a “good character” and many friends. Jia Xin has made four new friends in middle school. They often chat and do homework together.

Jia Xin is now enrolled in middle school, where she has made four new friends. They often chat and do homework together.

Since Jia Xin’s sponsor began supporting her, Jia Xin’s life has become much more stable. To thank her sponsor for their life-changing support, Jia Xin wrote the following letter:

Dear Sponsor,

I am writing to thank you sincerely for your help and continuous care and affection. With your help, I no longer look at others with lonely eyes. Your help gave me hope. Your existence is like a spring in the desert, which makes me become one of normal students among my neighbors.

Thank you again.


Jia Xin

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