Why I Sponsor Duy in Vietnam

My sponsored child, Duy, lives in the same city where I grew up!

There can be a lot of reasons why someone chooses to sponsor a specific child. Maybe it’s because of where the child lives, her age, or because she reminds them of another child in their life. Deciding which child to sponsor is so important and so personal — I know it was for me.

I sponsor 7-year-old Duy in Danang, Vietnam. I wanted to sponsor him because I was also born in Danang. In fact, I started my career as a social worker there before moving to the U.S. to work at Holt’s headquarters. And every day, I saw the difference Holt sponsorship makes.

Right now, Duy lives in an orphanage. But I hope that someday soon he will be reunified with his birth mom. Prior to being admitted into the orphanage, he didn’t attend school because his birth mom moved from place to place and their life was very unstable. But now, he’s in school because of sponsorship. I know that education will change his future. I know this, because I’ve seen it happen again and again for children.

Thoa with children in Holt’s sponsorship program in Vietnam.

Every day in Danang, I saw children reunified with their birth families, or join permanent families of their own through domestic or international adoption. I saw how sponsorship helps children have nutritious food, routine medical care and attend school. I also saw how the monthly support of sponsors helped strengthen and improve overall systems of care — such as increasing the number of caregivers in orphanages, providing nutrition trainings for orphanage staff and much more.

This life-changing help happens not just in Danang, but in every city and village where sponsored children live.

I believe in sponsorship because I’ve seen again and again how it changes children’s lives. I truly believe it will change Duy’s life, too.

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