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Holt International Announces New Board Leadership Following the Semi-Annual Board of Directors Meeting

Adoptee-led board advocates for Holt’s pursuit of global child welfare.

Holt International Children’s Services recently announced new board leadership following the semi-annual board of directors meeting held in early November. The Holt Board of Directors is a governing board with a geographically diverse group of directors representing adoptees, adoptive parents and functional experts with experience in child welfare and special needs, finance, risk management and business operations. These board members volunteer their time and resources to support the Holt mission of ensuring a loving, secure home for every child.

“Holt’s board leadership team is comprised of individuals who bring an assortment of expertise and insight to our mission, including their own adoption stories,” said Dan Smith, Holt’s interim CEO. “We are immensely grateful for their service and counsel.”

The Holt Board of Directors has selected Derek Parker as the new board chair, most recently board vice-chair. Mr. Dan Dietrich will now serve as Holt’s board vice-chair.

“I am personally delighted to work alongside such a strong group of leaders, and I look forward to serving with them in the future,” said Margaret Fitch-Hauser, immediate past chair of the board. “I’m also very pleased that Derek Parker will lead the next chapter of our work in his new role as board chair.”

The board members began their two-year terms as officers effective November 2022. The newly elected leaders are as follows:

  • Mr. Derek Parker: Holt Board Chair (San Diego, CA)
  • Mr. Dan Dietrich: Holt Board Vice-Chair (Denver, CO)
  • Mr. Tom Feely: Holt Board Secretary (Portland, OR)
  • Ms. Linda Voelsch: Holt Board Treasurer (Vancouver, WA)

To learn more about the Holt Board of Directors and to read full member bios, click here. Also, for more information about Holt programs and services, visit holtinternational.org.

For media inquiries, please contact Ashley Johnson at [email protected] or (864) 607-3148.

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