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What Is International Children’s Day All About?

Many of the children in Holt’s programs celebrate a major holiday called International Children’s Day. Learn more about what makes International Children’s Day so important to children and families around the world!

On June 1, countries around the world celebrated International Children’s Day!

Child with Birthday gift in Vietnam
In Vietnam, sponsors help children in family strengthening and foster care programs receive gifts and enjoy parties with their families for International Children’s Day.

Children’s Day originated in 1925, after representatives from different countries met for the first “World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children” to promote children’s rights and spread awareness about children’s safety and protection. Today, many countries around the world continue to advocate for children’s rights on Children’s Day, as well as provide a day of fun and festivities for children in their communities.

During Children’s Day, communities show appreciation for their children and emphasize their importance. It’s a big holiday that many children look forward to for a long time! Holt’s vice president of China regional programs, Jian Chen, says that she still has a “sweet memory” of her own holiday celebrations.

Most children can look forward to a day off from schoolwork so they can spend time with their families. In some countries, schools offer other free activities like performances, camping trips and movies! Some of the most popular traditions include a trip to the park, making their favorite snack or dinner and giving gifts like candy, balloons and small toys.

But the most important part of the holiday is the opportunity for parents and caregivers to show children how much they love and care about them. Around the world, Holt sponsors like you also show children how much you love and care about them on Children’s Day!

Every year on this day, sponsors help throw big celebrations for their sponsored child and other children in their community. Since birthdays aren’t often celebrated in the communities where you support children, we also make this a day to celebrate every child’s birthday!

Child with Birthday gift in China
“The foster families, group home parents and the children are very happy to receive the great gifts,” writes our program staff in Shangrao, China. “Thank you for your generous donation to make the children have a happy and wonderful holiday!”

With your help, children in Holt’s programs receive special meals and pick out gifts! Younger children choose new toys and clothes, and older children love receiving spending money and books. And children of all ages receive cards from sponsors like you.

Thank you so much for helping your sponsored child feel celebrated on International Children’s Day!

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