Underweight and Too Small

Food and proper feeding changed Chesa’s life. 

Chesa was severely underweight and too small for her age. She has cerebral palsy and is quadriplegic – but that’s not what caused her to be too skinny.

In her orphanage, Chesa was often fed while she was laying down. Her caregivers thought this was the best way, but it caused Chesa to choke on her food – and to fear mealtimes. She just wasn’t getting enough to eat!

But thanks to your generosity, Chesa got help and is doing so much better!

Holt’s Child Nutrition Program retrained Chesa’s caregivers to feed her in a more upright position. They now support her jaw and ensure she swallows correctly. And they started blending her food so it would be an easier consistency for her to eat.

This has made all the difference! Chesa slowly began to gain weight, grow and become healthier. She’s relaxed as they feed her and her appetite is increasing. She’s now eager to get the food her body needs.

Thank you for giving Chesa the exact help she needed to be able to eat!

Hungry little girl in Africa

Feed a Hungry Child

Your gift can save a child from another week of hunger.

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