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Food for a Family Sick With COVID

Mongolian family in covid masks

When Chinua and her family got sick with COVID-19, Holt donors helped deliver emergency food and medicine. 

Chinua and her family usually had enough to eat. But when her whole family got sick with COVID-19, they suddenly needed urgent help. 

Chinua and her entire family of five were quarantined at home. Her mom couldn’t work and they had no savings, so they had no money for food or even medicine. And even if they could afford it, they weren’t allowed to leave.

That’s when Chinua’s mom called Holt Mongolia for help. And because of your support, Chinua’s mom was told, “Yes. We can help you!” 

The very next day, Chinua and her family received a package of food and medicine. 

As Chinua’s mom received the package, she broke down in tears — thanking Holt donors (that’s you!) over and over again for the lifesaving support. 

Because of you, Chinua and her family had the lifesaving food and medicine they needed to recover and get back on their feet. 

little girl in mongolia

Feed a Hungry Child

Take away a child’s hunger with lifesaving food. Your gift of an emergency food kit of grains and powdered milk, infant formula for malnourished babies, or free lunch at a Holt-supported school or daycare will help a child overcome hunger to grow healthy and strong.

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