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Korea gift team

Korea Gift Team Tour

Join us in Korea in December 2023 to celebrate Christmas!

Experience the culture, taste the cuisine and marvel at the extraordinary beauty of Korea when you join Holt on our 2023 gift team tour! But most of all, you’ll help create a magical, joyous Christmas for a special group of children, plus residents with disabilities at the Ilsan Center.

On this special tour, you will also get the opportunity to explore Holt’s history and see Holt’s vision in action – through parties at Ilsan and the Jeonju Babies’ Home, as well as a visit to an unwed mothers’ shelter, and a ceremony to honor foster mothers.

Registration for Holt’s 2023 Korea Gift Team tour is now closed. Please check back if you’re interested in joining the 2024 tour!

donor and child with santa hat on 2016 korea gift team tour
Getting into the Christmas spirit on our 2016 Korea Gift Team Tour!
Holt team member and adoptee Jordan Love reunites with his former doctor, Dr. Cho, at the Ilsan Center.
group of foster mothers at honorary luncheon 2016 gift team tour
A group of Holt foster mothers, donors and staff at a luncheon held in honor of foster mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tour

If you have additional questions, please email Liana Stone at [email protected].

Registration, Payment & Forms

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Holt International Korea Gift Team Tour, PO Box 2880, Eugene, OR 97402 

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Code of Conduct

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Media Release

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Independently traveling to Korea?

Our team can help arrange visits to important adoption landmarks like orphanages or adoption offices.

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