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Tourists on Great Wall of China

China Heritage Tour

Open to all Chinese adoptees and their families!

Travel to China with Holt!

Holt’s China Heritage Tour offers adoptees and their families the opportunity to experience the rich culture, customs and history of this ancient land, traveling from big cities to rural villages. Over 12 days, participants will visit famous sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, and enjoy a rare glimpse into China’s countryside, by visiting farming villages and taking a bamboo-raft trip down the Yulong River. Families also have the chance to participate in hands-on cooking classes and learn to make traditional Chinese dumplings and other dishes.

Whenever possible, adoptees have the opportunity to visit their adoption cities, former orphanages and/or sites significant to their adoption story. They may also meet the people who touched their early lives before they joined their adoptive families in the U.S. The China tour is open to families adopted from any province and through any agency.

China adoptee girl with adoptive mom pose with smiles while on Holt China tour
Adoptees and their families have the chance to visit famous sites, both in cities and in the countryside.
Buffet of Chinese food on Holt China tour
Tasting — and learning to make — traditional Chinese dishes is a big part of the tour experience!
China adoptee girl with adoptive mom in colorful play garden while on Holt China tour
Families may schedule side trips to their child’s birth cities, former orphanages and other sites significant to their adoption story.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tour

If you have additional questions, please send us an email at [email protected].

Independently traveling to China?

Our team can help arrange visits to important adoption landmarks like orphanages or adoption offices. Contact us for more information!

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