Collection of food spread out in front of mother and son

A grocery delivery is keeping Yash healthy and in school! 

Yash loved school, but he was sick so often he wasn’t able to go. This made him so sad. And even more, he was falling behind… 

Yash has a blood condition, and he needs blood transfusions every 15 days. His family lives in poverty and did all they could to provide for his care. But sometimes they even struggled to buy enough food. Lack of nutrition made Yash feel even more sick, and kept him from going to school. 

“Thanks to the supporters’ help, Yash is able to continue his education and enjoy his childhood despite his illness.” 

~ partner staff in India

But then, Holt sponsors and donors delivered bags of groceries to him and his family! When Yash’s family needed it most, they made it possible to drop off nutritious lentils, flour, cooking oil and more. 

Mother and son sit cross-legged on floor with food donations in front of them

This food delivery, and the ones they’ve received since, provided the constant nutrition Yash needed to feel healthy. Holt sponsors and donors also helped cover some of his medical expenses. Now, he makes every treatment on time, and is feeling so much better. 

And Yash’s favorite part? He can now go back to school! Now he has the energy and food he needed to make it through the school day, where he loves learning and seeing his friends. 

“Thanks to the supporters’ help,” our partner staff in India said, “Yash is able to continue his education and enjoy his childhood despite his illness.” 

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