Super Volunteers!

Every Winter Jam season, a few Holt volunteers go above and beyond — advocating for children at multiple concerts across the U.S.


Sherri Jo Gallagher
Number of Concerts: 3
Sunrise, FL • Raleigh, NC • Charlotte, NC


After attending my first Winter Jam concert, I started researching Holt and realized what a great organization it is. My heart goes out to all of those sweet kids overseas who need our support and love.

While I was blessed by everyone I spoke to who chose to sponsor a child, there was one individual who stuck out the most for me. This woman came up to me in tears as intermission was ending. She said that she didn’t know how she was going to make it work, but she felt like she needed to care for a child and that God would provide for her. When I handed her the packet with her sponsored child’s smiling face, her face lit up and she was so happy. he said it didn’t matter what it took, she would make sure that her child was loved and prayed for every day.

I am in the Army and travel a lot. It worked out that I was able to attend multiple Winter Jam [concerts] in different places because of it. Volunteering for Holt at the various concerts has been one of the neatest things that I have ever been able to do.

Sherri Jo got to meet Matthew West and his daughter at one of the Winter Jam concerts.

Teresa Cook
Number of Concerts: 7
Cincinnati, OH • Cleveland, OH • Lexington, KY • Ft. Wayne, IN • Indianapolis, IN • Raleigh, NC • Louisville, KY

Volunteering this year was my first experience with Holt. I first learned about Holt at the Grand Rapids, MI Winter Jam, where I heard [Winter Jam speaker and Korean adoptee] Stephanie Fast’s presentation. We brought a friend along, who we learned had been adopted from Korea through Holt. The following Monday, my husband was talking to a co-worker about our night and Stephanie’s presentation, then found out his co-worker adopted three of his children from Korea through Holt as well. He told my husband about the story of the Holts, and that he had read a book about their ministry and what an incredible blessing they have been to so many. So after hearing Stephanie’s testimony and seeing what a blessing it is to so many thousands of children, including some of our friends, I thought it would be a great ministry to be a part of!


The highlight was being able to talk to the crowd and having swarms of people come to the table to sponsor right at the end of intermission. As the concert resumed, we helped people with their sponsorship packets in the dark. I still can’t hear Crowder’s song “My Beloved” without remembering that experience and the excitement I felt while thinking, “Wow! We’re going to get some kids sponsored!”

Veronica Dishart
Number of Concerts: 5
Greensboro, NC • Columbia, SC • Charlotte, NC • Greenville, SC • Raleigh, NC

Veronica loved meeting Moriah Peters.

Last year, when I listened to [Winter Jam speaker] Tony Nolan speak about faith and his adopted daughter, I was moved to tears. Attending Winter Jam as a volunteer and helping with Holt moved me closer in my relationship with God and inspired me to continue working with children. To me, Winter Jam and volunteering is more than just a reason to see a good show for free. I love seeing how people are moved by the grace of God to sponsor a child or even decide to pursue adoption.

Over the course of five shows, I was absolutely amazed at how many children I was able to get sponsored. One person can change the world and Winter Jam is a great example of this. If you empower and educate children, then you can help them to create a better future for themselves. Winter Jam is fantastic!

Veronica with KB.
Veronica with Luke Smallbone from For King & Country.

Volunteer at Winter Jam!

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