Sallie Needs an Adoptive Family!

Nine-year-old Sallie needs an adoptive family!

Sallie loves going to school and is an enthusiastic learner! Her teacher says Sallie is a “pleasure to have in class” and “brightens up any dull day.”

As of July 2021, at school, Sallie is learning basic numeracy and other elementary skills. Her teacher says the staff are very proud of Sallie’s development through the past year. Some of her favorite things to do at school are reading books and energetic activities like listening to songs and dancing! She loves imaginative play and often plays with dolls and toy animals during free time.

Sallie who needs an adoptive family working on some of her art
Sallie working on some of her schoolwork!

Sallie has been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder and hearing loss. She communicates using a combination of Makaton signing (one system of nonverbal communication) and verbal communication. Her teacher notes that her communication skills are developing well and as a result, Sallie is growing better at regulating her emotions. Her speech therapist reports that Sallie has an “immense amount of potential” and always has positive feedback about their sessions.

Described as a content and happy child, Sallie thrives when she has a stable routine and consistency. The best family for Sallie will be able to provide a structured schedule and loving environment. They should also understand or be willing to learn about Trust-Based Intervention (TBRI) parenting and sensory processing disorder. Sallie needs an adoptive family who has access to excellent medical and educational resources to help her reach her full potential.

Sallie is able to communicate her needs well and ask for help. She is also very friendly and affectionate. One of her favorite parts of her school day is giving her friends and classmates hugs and practicing signing their names!

Sallie’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Sallie or to request information about her adoption, contact our adoption team at [email protected].

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