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Ramona Needs an Adoptive Family!

Ramona is ready for her permanent, loving family! Could you or someone you know be the right fit for her? 

Ramona’s caregivers describe her as helpful, compassionate and cheerful. She enjoys school, especially her language classes, and her teachers say she helps keep the class on track! She says she is afraid of ghosts and is good at sweeping and folding clothes.  

Ramona’s favorite places are the zoo and the beach. She also loves volleyball, soccer and making beaded bracelets to gift to her friends. Ramona has a strong attachment to one of her caregivers, who she seeks out for comfort when she is upset.  

When asked what her three biggest wishes for the future would be, Ramona said she would like to get good grades, to always be happy and to find a forever mom. 

The ideal adoptive family for Ramona will be a two-parent household with older siblings for her to look up to and learn from. They will also understand older child adoption and Trust Based Relational Intervention techniques.   

Could you or someone you know be a good fit for Ramona? If so, email us at [email protected]! Ramona’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy, but we have recent photos, videos and updates about her. Our staff also recently visited Ramona in-person and would love to share their impressions of her with a prospective family! 

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