Children in an orphanage in Mongolia learned how to cook — an essential skill to help them live independently someday.

When a child “ages out” of an orphanage at 18 years old, there’s so much they don’t know how to do on their own. Their whole life, they’ve had orphanage cooks and caregivers feeding them and taking care of them. Not knowing how to cook makes the transition to independence even more scary and difficult… 

That’s why Holt donors support programs that teach critical life skills to children aging out of orphanage care! 

Just this past fall, these older children in Mongolia learned all about cooking! They rolled out dough for bread, chopped veggies and stirred soup. And throughout the meal prep, they learned about kitchen safety, nutrition basics, grocery budgeting, menu planning, hygiene and sanitation and more! 

Thank you for making sure that these children have the essential skills they need to make a healthy meal and live independently someday! 

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