Holt president Phil Littleton shares a story about a sponsored child in Vietnam.

One of the things I love about being a child sponsor is the opportunity to watch my sponsored child grow healthier and stronger over time. What an incredible feeling to know that the transformational change you see before your eyes is because of you. When I read this story about Dai in Vietnam, I thought how proud his sponsor must feel.

Dai was 2 years old and weighed just 22 pounds when his mom started sending him to a Holt sponsor-supported daycare program in Vietnam. His father was disabled and could not work. His mother earned very little from growing and selling rice. They could not afford enough food for their family, and Dai was very small for his age. When Dai’s mom heard about Holt’s daycare program, she wasn’t sure at first. She thought it might be better to keep him at home with his family.

But then she learned that because of a generous sponsor, he would receive a free lunch every day at daycare.

She decided to enroll him. And very quickly, because of the nourishing meals he ate every day, Dai began to grow healthier and stronger. Through Holt’s daycare program, sponsors also provide an early education for children whose families would not otherwise be able to afford preschool. Dai’s motor and cognitive skills improved, and he also learned social skills from playing with the other children. He made many friends, and thrived in the warm and loving care of his teachers.

Two years have now passed since Dai started attending daycare. He has gained 11 pounds and is now at a healthy weight for his age. With more time to focus on work during the day, his mom has also grown his family’s income.

As a sponsor, you help your sponsored child in so many ways. You provide food to nourish them. You provide education to empower them. You help stabilize and strengthen their families so they can better care for them. You set them on a path toward a healthier life than they would have known without you. You make a powerful, transformational difference in their life. And you should be so very, very proud.

Phil Littleton | President & CEO

Siblings smile from doorway in Vietnam

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