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To Survive, Then Thrive

Three months of emergency food deliveries sustained a family in Cambodia, and gave them the strength they needed to become stable again.

A family in Cambodia stands in front of their house

Tola and Vanna were always hungry. Just 11 and 6 years old, their bodies were thin, weak and malnourished. 

Their parents didn’t have enough to eat either, they’d sometimes even faint when they went to work. Their jobs were irregular, and they didn’t know how they’d ever make enough money to feed their children. 

“They didn’t have other choices,” says their Holt social worker in Cambodia. “Their family faced great difficulty in terms of food and other basic living costs.” 

But as soon as they enrolled in Holt’s family strengthening program in Cambodia, Holt donors helped give them what they needed most — food. 

Right away, they received three-months-worth of rice, cooking oil, canned fish and other basic foods they needed. No longer hungry, Tola and Vanna began to grow strong and healthy again! 

Their parents had the energy they needed to work and plan for their future. Their mom got a job at a hotel, and their dad began raising livestock in addition to his construction job. The livestock not only provides eggs, milk and meat for their family, but also income. 

“The family was so happy and started to feel hopeful for their future,” says their social worker. “The whole family has enough food to eat, proper clothes to wear, and got healthier. Especially the children have gained more weight and gotten stronger.”

In their time of greatest need, thank you for giving Tola and Vanna the emergency food they needed to survive. Now, not only do they have food to eat, but their family is rising out of poverty. Their lives are changed forever.

Young girl in Uganda with her cow

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