Community Center China

Four community centers almost closed because they had no heat source. But then you provided heaters so they can be open for the winter! 

Holt donors helped provide safe community centers for children throughout rural China. Children come here in their spare time while their parents are at work — to study, do activities and learn and play together in a safe environment. 

But four of these community centers in northeast China were going to have to shut down because they couldn’t afford a heat source through the bitterly cold months. 

But then Holt donors provided heaters to each of these four community centers — keeping them open to serve hundreds of kids through the winter! All of these children live in poverty, and are in danger of abuse and exploitation when they’re left on their own. But now that these centers are open through the winter months, these children will remain safe and under the watchful care of their Holt social workers. Learn more about sponsorship for children like this in China!

Thank you for giving these children a warm, safe place to learn! 

Young boy in Mongolia standing in the cold

Give a Warm Coat & Blanket

For children in orphanages and families in poverty, winter is harsh. But your gift of a warm coat and blanket will help keep a child warm.

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