Waiting Child Kai plays with beads

Kai needs an adoptive family! She wants to be adopted and wishes for hugs from her adoptive mom one day! Could you or someone you know provide a loving home for her?

Kai’s social workers describe her as happy, shy, sensitive and adaptable. She loves to play with other children and willingly participates in activities at her orphanage and school.

Kai enjoys spending time with her friends, and you can always find them pretending to be teachers or chefs while they play together. She also loves doing puzzles and assembling Legos! Kai’s favorite foods are gummy bears, Sprite and fried eggs.

Kai also does well in school, where she enjoys learning new things and follows instructions well. She respects authority and knows the difference between right and wrong. Her sensitivity is evident in her self-awareness, and also she expresses her feelings well and asks her social worker good questions.

Kai had fun wearing a panda mask when Holt social workers visited her!

Our staff met Kai in the fall of 2022, and they report that she has, “an incredibly sweet and endearing demeanor.” She draws other people in. Our staff said that Kai was a joy to be around, and willingly completed the activities they gave her. She does well with one-on-one attention and would thrive in a patient, nurturing environment!

Kai has been in orphanage care in her home country since she was an infant. The ideal adoptive family for her will have familiarity with institutionalization and older child adoption, as well as being open to unknowns in her future development.

If you think you could be the right family for Kai, please email us at [email protected]! We have hidden her face here due to country restrictions on privacy, but our staff recently visited Kai in-person and would love to share photos and impressions of her with prospective families!

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