Notes From the Field: July 2023

Recent updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world!


In-person visits to our family strengthening and education programs have resumed in China! In May, Holt China conducted 263 online visits with families and 195 in-person visits. They also held 73 tutoring sessions for 1217 students. 

For International Day of the Chlild on June 1, children in Meheikou had special outings and activities.  


One of our partner organizations in Bogotá, Bambi, continued with parenting workshops for parents and grandparents in the PROMEFA program, including sessions which aim to develop sensitivity to a child’s needs by considering underlying emotional states, beliefs and attitudes. 

a single mother in Colombia with her two sons


Following continuous advocacy with the local government, families set to graduate from the economic empowerment program obtained licenses to organize as a savings and credit association. This helps the families receive additional support, such as loans to expand their personal income-generating projects as they graduate from Holt’s program.   


Children participated in an event for International Day of the Child on June 1. As part of the celebration, they read books that promote child rights, competed in a reading contest, and made presentations for slogans about child rights and protection. 


Thirty-five children from two child development centers in Bangalore successfully graduated from the informal school program and moved to formal schools.   

group of sponsored children in india wearing pink and red shirts


Holt Mongolia staff, in cooperation with the joint social welfare and mental health team from the Khuvsgul province, conducted a training for parents and guardians on the prevention of violence against families and children, family education and the formation of positive attitudes in society that support stable relationships. The empowerment training aims to increase parental responsibility in engagement in the care of their children. The trainings focused on understanding children’s psychological health and needs, the influence of parenting styles on children, the ability to manage emotions, individual counseling for teenagers and individual counseling for adults, as well as provided professional and methodological support to area teachers. 


In coordination with the local government, our partner agency’s family and community outreach program successfully conducted a seminar on the First 1000 Days of a Baby’s Life. The seminar aimed to increase the understanding and motivation of pregnant women to provide nutritional and developmental support to their babies during the first 1000 days of life. We also helped distribute kits of essential baby items and baby bathtubs to further support to participants.   


Holt Uganda conducted a hygiene and sanitation competition with 1,151 households across three districts. After participating, households are assessed and the winners were awarded prizes at a ceremony in June.  

four children sweeping


During May, Holt Vietnam provided growth and anemia screenings and provide deworming medication to 306 children at a kindergarten in Khanh Hoa province. The program will now provide iron and vitamins for the 63 children who were assessed to have anemia.  

children laughing and playing with colorful balloons

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