Recent updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world! 


Holt Cambodia selected four new foster families in Phnom Penh, in cooperation with the Department of Social Affairs and Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. Next, these families will receive health check-ups and foster parent training before hosting children.    

a single mother with her two sons


In Bambi’s PROMEFA program, 15 parents started their vocational training and school courses. As part of their orientation, they all received training materials, school supplies and produce baskets from Bambi’s community garden. 

A boy and his mom post with goats outside their home in Ethiopia


Holt Ethiopia met with 50 families who have received a goat, cow, or chickens to use for nutrition and income generating. They discussed livestock care and management, as well as how to best sell extra milk, eggs, meat or offspring to grow income.  Each of these families is also engaged in a financial savings groups.   


Holt provided continuing education courses for teachers, carried out by the Centre de Formation Deschamps. Teachers were enthusiastic to resume this activity, especially the kindergarten teachers, who attended all sessions related to early childhood education.    

A mom at BSSK who took part in Child Nutrition Program training.


As part of the Child Nutrition Program, BSSK led parenting skills sessions for mothers at three different community centers across India.

Students at the Red Stone School near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


The Holt-supported Red Stone School and other informal schools in Mongolia not only provide nutritional support, but also work in close cooperation with local school and social welfare officials to conduct child protection and educational interventions. In one location, our team helped to organize and participated in “Children’s Listening Day.” This event provided students with the opportunity to voice their challenges and concerns regarding their education and school, and to provide feedback to the educators. Students from 47 classes grades 1-12 participated in the meetings.   

Sponsored twins with their mom and grandma on their farm in Thailand


One-hundred-and-four families (comprised of 114 children and 72 adults) came to Children and Families Club at two different locations in southern Thailand. The club’s objective is to build warm and healthy relationships within families, serving to promote children’s age-appropriate development. Parents were equipped with skills to help foster effective and positive communicate with their children. 

Girl in Uganda in blue school uniform


Holt staff and community facilitators visited eight early childhood development centers, 24 primary schools and one secondary school. A total of 27,800 children were reached and provided with mentorship and career guidance. This effort benefited both Holt-supported and non-Holt-supported children.   

Boy eating lunch
Thanksgiving. Boy eating.


A total of 208 children at a Holt-supporter kindergarten in Vietnam received health services during the month. The checkups included checking the child’s height and weight, doing a finger prick test to determine iron levels, and providing vitamins and iron supplements if needed. Holt provided this same support to 130 children from three additional child care centers.

children laughing and playing with colorful balloons

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