Little girl in checkered dress puts hands on hips and smiles at camera

This is Mardi! She is nine years old, and Mardi needs a family who can give her a loving, stable home. Could you or someone you know be the right fit for Mardi?

Mardi’s caregivers say that she is almost always smiling! She has been with the same foster family since she was an infant. Mardi has integrated well into the environment and has formed bonds with the members of her foster home. She loves singing, dancing, playing with dolls and spending time with others. Mardi also enjoys watching TV and imitating the performs on the screen.

Mardi is in special education classes that are meeting her needs. She does well in school; emotionally stable, lively and participates well in activities. She receives good feedback from her homeroom teacher.

Mardi loves posing for the camera, and her caregivers seem to agree on what she expresses through her photogenic and charming photos: that she is a happy and adorable child with a positive attitude and outlook. Her foster mother says she is naturally at ease and loves to laugh. Mardi also loves riding bikes and other outdoor activities. Mardi’s foster parents describe her as a child who is emotionally stable, affectionate and resilient.

Mardi is a warm-hearted child who will benefit from a patient, loving family able to give her a stable home. Mardi needs a family with excellent educational resources to help her continue to grow and develop. They should be familiar with TBRI® techniques to help her reach her potential. If you would like more information about this lovely child, please email us at [email protected].

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