Mandie and Chamie Need an Adoptive Family!

Mandie and Chamie are close sisters who need a loving family! A Families Not Finances grant is available to help unite these girls with an adoptive family.


Nine-year-old Mandie is younger than her sister Chamie. She makes friends easily and her caregivers describe her as considerate and helpful. Mandie likes to help and to share things with her friends! She is diligent and enjoys learning and doing things on her own. Once she is comfortable, she has a lively and happy personality! Her favorite activities are playing with puzzles and playing make-believe with her friends. Mandie also enjoys going to the zoo because she loves animals! Her favorite animals are elephants and chickens.


Chamie is twelve years old. Some of her favorite activities are drawing, painting and jumping rope! Her caregivers describe her as a cheerful and quiet child who communicates her thoughts and feelings well. She is very motivated to be adopted with Mandie and has started learning English. She gets along well with her peers and classmates, and her caregivers describe her as a kind, generous girl who is a natural leader.

These sisters wish to be adopted together by a family with a pet! The best fit for them would be a family with knowledge of older child adoption who is open to potential unknowns in the siblings’ development. They would do best in a family familiar with TBRI techniques, older child adoption, and sibling dynamics. Holt staff have visited these girls in person and are available to share their impressions with any interested prospective adoptive families! Could you or someone you know be the right family for Mandie and Chamie?

The faces of these children are obscured due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos of Mandie and Chamie or to request more information, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]!

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