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Lyam needs a family! This sweet six-year-old is excited to have parents of his own.

Lyam’s caregivers describe him as a happy child who is almost always in a cheerful mood. Our staff recently received videos of him happily playing alongside other children, being very talkative and practicing his language skills. We would love to share them with prospective adoptive parents!

Recent reports state that Lyam shows interest in peers’ activities and initiates greetings to familiar teachers and peers. He also enjoys observing in group activities and games. Although Lyam requires more guidance when explaining instructions, he can follow them well and has no problem taking turns with other children.

During a recent visit by his social worker, Lyam was excited to play house and pretend to cook and grocery shop with them. He was excited to talk about Peppa Pig, the characters and the story line with his social worker.

Lyam is developmentally delayed compared to peers. He is part of a resource class after school to aid in his development. Lyam needs a family who has access to educational and therapeutic support, to help him grow and reach his potential. The family must be well-versed in TBRI® to create an atmosphere of safety for Lyam. Lyam needs a family who also have plenty of time to devote to connecting and playing with him.

Lyam’s face is covered here due to country restrictions on privacy, but our staff have more photos and videos to share with prospective adoptive parents! If you think yours could be the right family for Lyam, please reach out to our waiting child team at [email protected].

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