A boy walks in Ethiopia, medical care

When Semere fractured his leg in a serious accident, Holt sponsors and donors stepped up to pay for his medical care and ensure that he was able to return to school.

Semere is a 9-year-old boy who lives with his two siblings and parents in southern Ethiopia. Though Semere’s mother sells fruit at a local market, his father, Abal, struggles to find work, and the family lives in extreme poverty. Because they are unable to afford even the most basic necessities, the family lives with Abal’s brother and are financially dependent on him.

A mom holds a toddler and smiles next to her older son, medical care
Semere with his mom and little sister

Four years ago, Semere entered Holt’s child sponsorship program, and through the support of Holt sponsors and donors, he is able to attend a Holt-supported Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program near his home. While at school, Semere has the opportunity to learn to read and write, play and develop social skills, eat a nutritious meal and have access to clean drinking water. He receives a critical early education in a safe and nurturing environment, at no cost to his family. His mother, Wubete, also derives benefits from the program, as she is given vegetable seedlings to grow for the family and additional business training. Both the educational foundation that Semere receives — and the business training his mother acquires — have the power to help the family break the cycle of poverty.

A boy sits on a wooden stool and washes his leg, medical care
Semere has had many procedures over the past months to treat his fractured leg. But these days, he’s on the path to a full recovery and happily on his way back to school.

Last August, Semere had an unfortunate setback that could have been catastrophic for his family. While playing with friends, the little boy was involved in a motorbike accident, which resulted in a serious fracture to his leg — a fracture that would require surgery. Because Semere’s family could not afford the costs of an operation, Holt Ethiopia stepped up to cover his medical fees and those of his follow-up care, thanks to support from Holt sponsors and donors. Over the course of several months, Semere has had many treatments and procedures, including the placement of temporary metal supports in his leg. For a time, he was unable to walk or go to school.

But since last summer, Semere has made great progress and is on the path to a full recovery. He and his family are hopeful that in the coming months, he’ll be able to return to school full time and resume a normal life. Semere’s mother believes that none of this would have been feasible without the support from Holt. “I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Holt, who has made this life-changing medical assistance possible for my son,” she says. “Without Holt’s support and generosity, getting my son’s health back — let alone continuing his education — would not have been possible.”

“Without Holt’s support and generosity, getting my son’s health back — let alone continuing his education — would not have been possible.”

Wubete, Semere’s mother

Across the world, Holt sponsors and donors continue to improve the lives of children who are vulnerable, orphaned or living in extreme poverty. Whether it’s paying for school fees and uniforms, helping parents gain access to financial training or contributing to critical medical care for little boys like Semere, your generosity changes lives. In Ethiopia, where a third of the population continues to live in poverty, families like Semere’s have the chance for a brighter future thanks to your care!

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