Lianjiang Update

The situation was critical for medically fragile children who returned to an orphanage that was too full. But you took action! Here’s how these children are doing today…

We have received the most beautiful update on the children from the Lianjiang orphanage.

A few months ago, we feared for their lives.

In response to the tragic death of 20 children at a private, but very poorly run orphanage in southern China, the local government called for all children from this province to return to their state orphanages. At the time, we partnered with one orphanage impacted by this government decision. With only 14 caregivers on staff, this orphanage was suddenly expected to care for more than 80 children! Many of these children had medical needs that required specialized resources and attention — neither of which this overflowing orphanage was able to provide.

This is when you took action. We were amazed at what you were able to do for these children. With your support, this orphanage was able to hire and train six caregivers, and even prepare a new, fully equipped room in the orphanage where 15 of the most medically fragile children can be properly cared for.

Just a few months later, some of these children are matched with an adoptive family and will be united with them soon! And all of them are healthy, stable and doing well.


But we want you to see for yourself…

Below are photos and updates on 15 children whose lives you likely saved. We hope your heart is as warmed by this report as ours were.



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