Urgent Help for Vulnerable Children In China Orphanage Care

Two-year-old Liu was staying at Peace House, but now she is at an orphanage that urgently needs your help to hire caregivers and purchase critical childcare supplies.

We are facing an unexpected and urgent situation with one of our partner orphanages in southern China.

In the last few weeks, the provincial government ordered all government-run orphanages in the region to stop using small group homes (a trademark of Holt’s approach) to care for children. All the children in the region have been returned to large orphanages as a result.

Our partner orphanage now has 80+ children in their care, most of them with severe disabilities or special needs, and not nearly enough caregivers to meet all their needs 24/7.

We are deeply concerned, and we need your help.

This orphanage that so needs your help is dealing with severe overcrowding — way too many children in too small of spaces. They don’t have enough staff to provide the type of hands-on care that children with severe special needs require to stay healthy and to survive.

As a kind and compassionate child advocate whose life has been touched by adoption, you understand how serious this situation is. And when you hear about the children who need you in China, you probably see your own child’s face.

Your gift today will hire caregivers, which will reduce the ratio of caregivers to children significantly — and ensure children receive attentive and nurturing time with a loving adult who knows their specific needs. Your gift will also help to purchase critical items, like medicines, blankets and formula. 

Your gift will keep children like Liu — a sweet and snuggly 2-year-old girl born premature and underdeveloped — with the type of care she needs to stay healthy and keep hitting milestones until she can join her loving family.

For children who are not strong or healthy enough to be just one in a sea of children in an orphanage, your gift will make sure their needs aren’t overlooked.

As someone knowledgeable about orphanages and adoption in China, you understand the gravity of this situation.

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