Last Christmas Was a Good One!

Last Christmas, children around the world experienced a huge holiday celebration! They attended parties and received presents and ate special meals. None of these experiences would have been possible without the generosity of Holt sponsors and donors.

Children living in impoverished communities or orphanages around the world often miss out on Christmas and holiday celebrations. For children and families who barely have enough to survive each day, treats, parties and gifts wrapped in colorful paper are impossible luxuries.

But every child deserves to experience the joy and celebration of Christmas. That’s why every year, Holt sponsors and donors go above and beyond to bring Christmas to children all around the world.

When sponsors and donors give $25, a child receives a hand-picked gift, festive meal, treats and a special party with their family and friends! It’s a fun-filled day — giving them wonderful memories that they will cherish all year. This year’s celebrations may look a bit different due to COVID-19 precautions, but Holt staff and partners will work hard to make it just as special!

Take a look at last year’s joyous holiday celebrations around the world!


Last December, hundreds of children across Cambodia had a huge holiday celebration! They ate chicken curry, danced, played with balloons, and received special gifts!

“Children had food that they liked very much and the children looked very happy enjoying these activities,” says Buth Saman from one of Holt’s partner organizations in Cambodia.


Children all over China were so excited to receive cards from their sponsors!

“When they receive these cards they all very happy and look at it,” says Zou Rong from Holt in China. “They also share the greeting cards with their classmates and family.”

Some children even hung up their card as a decoration in their house, and all children wished their sponsors a happy holiday season in return.

At one province in rural China, every child received a warm down coat as their Christmas gift!


At a special Christmas celebration in Colombia, each child found a special stuffed toy just for them on the Christmas tree.

They also ate snacks, played games, and performed songs and dances for their parents.

This child’s face is blurred to protect his privacy.

The children and their parents were overjoyed by the performances and the festive party, as well as the cards from their sponsors!


Children in India had an especially festive time last year! They performed skits, listened to the Christmas story, dressed up and even had presents delivered from Santa!


At the Ilsan Center in Korea, children and adults with special needs had a grand Christmas celebration!

Staff members and special visitors in Santa hats sang Christmas songs and delivered a special gift to each child and resident.

Everyone loved receiving a card from their sponsor!


In Mongolia, children and their parents in Holt’s family strengthening program stopped by their community center to pick up their Christmas gifts! Gifts were festively wrapped, and children were overjoyed to receive them!

At a domestic violence shelter you help support in Ulaanbaatar, children and their mothers received gifts, clothes, toys and hygiene products.

At one Holt-supported community center, children submitted festive drawings into a contest, held a musical performance for their families, and even got a visit from Santa!


In the Philippines, children got a special holiday feast! As a special treat, each child ate a big plate of spaghetti and drank an oversized pouch of orange juice.

Our partner organization staff took a photo of each child with their Christmas card from their sponsor. And the smiles on the kids’ faces say it all!


“We in a special way thank you for the Christmas cards you sent to the children,” says Magezi Julius, the program coordinator for Holt Uganda.

“The children were very excited to receive them. Some sponsors in addition wrote special letters to their children. These cards have been a source of cheer and inspiration to the children. In you, children see God restoring their hope for the future. They joined hands to pray and thank God for you.”

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