Give a Christmas Gift to Your Sponsored Child

Give a Child a Christmas Gift, Fun Party & Festive Meal!

In your sponsored child's community, so many kids have just enough — just enough food, just enough clothing, just enough to exist. They rarely ever receive the blessing of a treat or a gift or a party.

This Christmas, your $25 donation will give your sponsored child a hand-chosen gift, festive meal and community-wide party with crafts, games, special snacks and more! Every additional gift of $25 will give the same special gift, meal and day of fun to another child in their community!

Thank you for celebrating our Savior's birth by sharing Christmas with children who have so little.

Check Out Photos From Past Christmas Parties!

Thank you, child sponsors, for giving Christmas gifts, parties and meals to kids in 2017!


Pune, India

"Santa Claus arrived bringing in a lot of cheers 'ho ho ho…' Santa danced around distributing sweets, cut the cake and later gave each child a gift ...."

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"Several families who graduated the program when they became self-reliant participated as volunteers at game stations or giving haircut services."

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Girls' Hostel in India

Manila, Philippines

"Children played games and then ate special food — fried chicken, spaghetti and Coke!"

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What will my sponsored child receive for Christmas?

In addition to a day of games, singing, dancing, field trips or the chance to perform in a play, children also receive festive meals. Often, your sponsored child's whole family attends. Your sponsored child will also be given the card you personalize with your picture and a special, wrapped gift from you! Here are a few examples of the gifts children receive:


Children received drawstring backpacks filled with school and art supplies.


Children received clothes, toys or books, depending on their needs and desires.


Santa distributed goodie bags with special treats and toys to each boy and girl.


Each child received clothing items they needed like shoes or jeans.


Each family received cooking oil, sugar, rice, soaps, toothpaste and toothbrushes.


Children received gifts of notebooks, pens, pencils and a special package of noodles.

Give Your Sponsored Child Christmas!

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