Julien Needs a Family!

Julien came into care when he was 5 years old, and has been waiting for a permanent, loving adoptive family ever since.

Now 10 years old, Julien is sensitive and sweet and likes to be active! He loves to ride his bike, run, use the slide and swings, dribble a basketball and throw a ball as far as he can!

He has cerebral dysplasia and delayed mental development and doesn’t talk very much. But it is clear that he understands his own name and the name of other kids at his care center. If he doesn’t understand something, he looks down and sweetly smiles. He also loves to draw and listen to music.

Despite his cognitive delays, Julien is physically healthy and can take care of himself and can express his needs to his caregivers. He would thrive in a family that encourages his playful and active personality, as well as one that is understanding and willing to help him through his mental delays.

Mom kissing her adoptive son from China on a boat

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