Jim De, Holt India Partner, Wins Mahatma Ghandi Award

Congratulations to Jim De, director of Holt’s partner in Delhi, India, for receiving the Mahatma Ghandi award honoring 21 years of service to vulnerable children and families in India!

Throughout his life, Jim has held a wide range of positions and responsibilities — all impacting the lives of children and families. He has worked with Indian birth families through their decision to relinquish their child for adoption, managed a boarding house for at-risk girls, set up a school for children living in the forests of Mayurbhanj and organized a task force to care for children in India’s coastal villages who were orphaned by the 2004 tsunami.  Jim also worked with the Delhi government to develop a program for foster care in 2006, a process fashioned after Holt’s model of foster care.

Today, he serves as executive director of Shishu Sangopan Griha (SSG), Holt’s partner organization in Delhi.

Read more about Jim De and his accomplishments in this story from 2016, when Jim served as country director for Holt in India. 

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