Jay, Waiting Child, South Africa

Jay needs an adoptive family! Could you be the right fit for this energetic, charming little boy?

Jay is helpful and friendly and gladly does chores at home. He enjoys playing with other children and can be competitive! Jay is a friendly boy with a gorgeous smile. He loves playing outside in the yard on the trampoline and swings, and his favorite food is spaghetti.

Car trucks are Jay’s favourite toys, and he also enjoys building blocks and other structures such as a train tracks. He flourishes in a contained environment with structure and routine. When Jay gets home from school he likes to teach the other children what he has learned. Jay’s caregivers describe him as responsible, and he enjoys being the ‘big brother’ by caring for younger children and guiding them in new activities.

Jay has really come out of his shell at school, where he had started out quite shy and hesitant. He shows an affinity for sensory activities, and his teachers agree that he shows a strong eagerness to learn. At school, Jay could sit quietly in a larger circle group for singing. He is respectful towards the things in the environment and is always kind to his peers. He loves games! 

Jay is cheerful, pleasant, well behaved, creative and independent. His caregivers feel that he would thrive in a family with older siblings he could look up to. Jay shares a strong bond with his foster mother, and he longs for a father figure too.

An ideal adoptive family for Jay will access to medical and educational resources to help him reach his potential. The family should understand developmental trauma as well as grief and loss. Additionally, the family should have parented through adoption before and understand TBRI® strategies.

If you think your family could be the right fit to provide a nurturing home for Jay, please email us at [email protected]! We would love to share more photos and videos about this special little boy.

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