May Calendar Photo 2023

In our May 2023 calendar photo, we feature a young girl named Rose, twirling with a smile as big as her hula hoop during a health assessment at her school in Uganda.

In Uganda, Holt-supported village health teams travel around to village schools and provide health assessments for children like Rose. Children’s height, weight and mid-upper arm circumference measurements are taken to screen for malnutrition, and to and track each child’s health and nutritional status.

The village health teams bring celebration and fun with them, and children get to play outside with hula hoops and other toys while they await their turn!

Rose loves going to school, which she attends with the help of her sponsor. She also received her purple school uniform, school supplies, and school materials from her sponsor as well! Rose loves sports like jump roping and, of course, hula hooping!

As a young woman in Uganda, Rose is at higher risk of not completing her education. When parents living in poverty don’t have enough resources, they often pull their daughters from school to marry them off or to help at home.

But, thanks to Holt sponsors and Holt’s child nutrition program, Rose is happy, healthy and thriving at school. She will grow up to be an independent, educated young woman with opportunity stretched out before her. Keep twirling, Rose!

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