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Meet Jasper! Jasper’s caregivers describe him as a happy, joyful and stable young boy. Jasper is 9, and he needs a family who will help him develop to his full potential!

Lately, Jasper’s favorite activity has been building with Legos and other attachable puzzle pieces. He smiles every time he presents his new creations! He can take turns and is cooperative while playing games.

Jasper lives with his foster family, and he gets along well with themall. He has an especially close bond with his foster mother. He also enjoys playing with the younger children in his foster family.

In school, he enjoys Mandarin and practicing his multiplication tables. He has perfect attendance. His teachers and caregivers say Jasper has made excellent progress in his emotional development, expressing his feelings and cooperating with others.

Jasper is also organized. He knows where all his toys and belongings go when it’s time to put them away. He sometimes loses his train of thought, so he does best by focusing on one task at a time. A typical day for Jasper starts early with breakfast and then attending school until the early afternoon. After school, it’s back home, evening playtime, and then to bed. He sleeps well through the night and performs his activities of daily living independently or with reminders and minimal supervision.

Jasper needs a family who is patient, supportive and who can help him develop to his full potential. If you would like more information about Jasper, please email us at [email protected].

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