How Does 1 Goat = 4 Goats = 1 Cow?

See how one Gift of Hope multiplied for Fatuma and her mom.

girl standing next to brown cow gift of hope

Fatuma lived in poverty with her mother in rural Uganda. She woke up every morning and didn’t know what she would eat that day. They had no extra income for school supplies, clothing or even food. 

Then, a generous Holt donor across the world gave Fatuma and her mother the Gift of Hope of a goat!

And this goat was just the help Fatuma and her family needed to change their lives. 

Their goat gave birth to a baby goat, and then about six months later had twins! In less than two years, their one goat became four goats! They sold extra goat milk and used the manure to fertilize their garden. But they knew that they could do even more with their four goats, something they had always dreamed of but never thought possible… 

Fatuma and her mother just sold their four goats and used the income to buy a cow — the ultimate money-maker for a family living in poverty!

Today, Fatuma is so proud and full of joy thanks to your gift. Not only do she and her mom have hope of escaping poverty, but now Fatuma can go to school and pursue her dream of helping others in her community. 

Fatuma wrote this letter of thanks, and asked us to share it with Holt donors: 

“I love cows because they provide milk for nutrition and income that can help my mother and I. Holt has been my savior I will make sure I will be focused with school until university. I want to be a farmer when I grow up. I want to help the orphaned children in our community like you have helped me. God bless you, and God bless Holt!” 

Who could have imagined that the gift of one goat could do so much? Thank you for empowering Fatuma, her family and her community with a multiplying, growing life-changing gift! 

Young girl in Uganda with her cow

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