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Holt-Supported Athletes Win Gold at Special Olympics in Mongolia

Competing in indoor hockey, bocce ball and more, children with disabilities from Holt-supported schools in Mongolia celebrated teamwork and athleticism in Mongolia’s 2022 National Championship of Special Olympics.

A boy plays bocce ball and smiles at the camera

As the Winter Olympics were underway in Beijing this past month, 20 teenage athletes from Holt-supported schools in Mongolia competed in an Olympics of their own.

Wearing red and yellow uniforms, Holt students divided into competition levels based on their disabilities to take part in various sporting events. Holt sponsors and donors made it possible for them to participate by providing protective equipment, food and awards. All of our Holt athletes showed true athleticism and skill, and we are so proud of their amazing achievement!

Holt-supported teens play hockey

Teens in our program brought home gold, silver and bronze medals in bocce ball. Two Holt hockey teams competed. Two of our athletes earned gold medals in ping pong. And all of our athletes cheered each other on with true enthusiasm and pride.

Children cheer in the stands

This National championship of Special Olympics happens each year in Ulaanbaatar, with participants from schools and sports teams from around the country. The events are televised live throughout the country.

“Similarly to the Olympic Games,” says May Gombo — a social worker from Holt Mongolia — “the goals of this event are to cultivate human beings, through sport, and contribute to world peace.”

A teen plays bocce ball

By the end of the competition, athletes form Holt supported schools won five gold medals, five silver medals and two bronze medals. But whether they earned medals or not, everyone had an amazing time and learned valuable skills in the process.

Thank you to Holt sponsors and donors for making this incredible event possible for the children in Holt’s programs!

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