Adoptive Family Shares an Update on Their Daughters, 20 Years Later

In December 2020, an adoptive mother wrote to Holt to share the amazing accomplishments of her two daughters, twenty years after their adoption. Read her letter below!

Twenty five years ago, right before the holidays, my husband and I anxiously and excitedly prepared to travel around the world to become a forever family. We had a tiny picture of a tiny baby who was severely malnourished. The doctor told us she would never be a rocket scientist, would probably be a “C” student, but assured us she would be okay.

Well, this incredible little baby fell in love with books right in China. At 18 months she could spell her name, knew the days of the week and the months of the year. At two she knew her full name, address and phone number. She would beg me to take her to the library. Forever an avid reader, for many years, she cartwheeled everywhere with a book in her hand.

No surprise, she graduated summa cum laude from high school. She graduated from college in three and a half years with a bachelor’s in biochemistry. Accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, she received her doctorate in veterinary medicine in June. She is now working in a small animal practice in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Three years later, right before the holidays, we received our second referral. Again, we had one tiny picture and special needs placement that said “skull is like a ping pong ball.” Again, the doctor assured us she would be fine. The day after Christmas, we, along with a talking Barney toy, were on a plane flying halfway around the world. I remember when they placed her in my arms, saying, “She doesn’t look at all like the picture but she is really cute and I’m keeping her!”

This little girl was extremely sweet and affectionate. She loved drawing, Barbies and princesses. She has always been very outgoing. Every time we were someplace where they asked for a volunteer, her little arm shot up before they even told us what it was for. She is a natural-born leader and peacekeeper, serving in student council from elementary school on.

Also an excellent student, she graduated cum laude from high school. This December she graduated with a bachelor’s in nursing. All through college she worked full time as a CNA and will soon be a nurse in the Surgical ICU at our local hospital.

I have been remiss in writing about our lovely daughters. We are so proud of them. I wanted to share their accomplishments with Holt. Praise God, He is so good! Thank you for making our dreams come true!

Submitted by a Holt Adoptive Parent

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