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Girl holding an India flag for Independence Day

Learn about Independence Day in India and how sponsored children and families typically celebrate this national holiday.

On August 15 each year, the people of India celebrate Independence Day — to commemorate the day in 1947 when the nation gained its freedom from British rule! The largest celebrations take place in New Delhi, the nation’s capital, where the Indian Prime Minister makes an official speech and hoists the Indian flag in a ceremony held at the city’s historic Red Fort.  

Parades and smaller celebrations take place throughout India, and — in a show of national pride — flags are draped along streets and outside of shops, homes, historical monuments and government buildings.

On Independence Day, children arrive at school bright and early to participate in a special celebration.

Independence Day is a public holiday, and schools are closed for classes. But children still attend school for a special celebration, arriving as early as 7 a.m. in freshly pressed uniforms and polished shoes. During the day, students — including Holt-sponsored children — recite poems they have written, deliver speeches about India’s freedom fighters, sing patriotic songs, display artwork and take part in other cultural presentations that honor their country’s independence. At the end of the day, children are given chocolates and other sweets.

Throughout India, children sing patriotic songs on Independence Day! Holt-sponsored children participate in special celebrations at school, which include singing and dancing.

Outside of school, sponsored children may participate in another Independence Day tradition — kite flying! Standing on rooftops or in streets, families throughout India celebrate their nation’s freedom by hoisting beautiful kites into the sky. Many of the kites are saffron, white and green, depicting the colors of the Indian flag. Kite flying competitions are even held in some locations!

As they celebrate Independence Day, sponsored children in India can do so because of the generous, life-changing support of their sponsors. As a sponsor, your monthly gifts help cover basic needs and allow time for children to celebrate and play, whether they live with their family or in a care center in one of the 14 countries where Holt has sponsorship programs. Thank you again for your heartfelt dedication to your sponsored child — and Happy Independence Day!

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