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Around the world this summer, children came together to celebrate International Day of the Child — a special birthday celebration gifted to them by their Holt sponsors!

The celebrations look a little different in each country, with some children going on field trips to special parks, taking part in special craft projects, dance performances, games and more! But in every country, the celebrations were full of smiles and joy as children received birthday cards and felt so special!

Here are some of our favorite photos and reports from this year’s celebrations!

Sponsored children at a special needs school in Vietnam loved their party!

Children in Vietnam had a special birthday celebration at school!

“They were so happy to show off their birthday cards with each other and take cool photos together. The volunteers also taught them how to make crème caramel and cupcakes on that day.” — Holt sponsorship partner in Taiwan

Children love receiving cards from their sponsors!

“We are grateful for the blessings from far abroad, which make all parents and children feel warm and cared for.” — Holt sponsorship partner in Taiwan

Young children in Colombia loved coloring in their favorite cartoon characters!

 “We celebrate the international day of the child, with the children from 6 months to 4 years old that attend to the nursery school program. The teachers did a special activity for the children in each of the classrooms, where the children painted coloring pages with crayons guided by their teachers and then, they had a special cookie. We also gave a beautiful birthday card that Holt send to the children that participate in the sponsorship. All the kids had a great time, thank you for your constant support and generosity so that these children have the opportunity to enjoy such great moments.” -Holt sponsorship partner in Colombia

“Children are thankful to the sponsors for happy movement in their lives. Children wish to thank sponsors for their kind thoughts in making this happen.” — Holt sponsorship partner in India

Older children in India played games together and had a wonderful day!

“The smaller ones enjoyed cutting the cake, dancing and meeting friends. The older children presented themselves by dancing, acting and playing fun games. The oldest ones came dressed in colorful attired and enjoyed by playing, being in nature and enjoying the party with snacks. The children expressed their gratitude towards the sponsors who made their day.” — Holt sponsorship partner in India

Children in India enjoyed attractions at a local park.

“In the [park], all the children were excited to see the fish tank, small fountain, big trees and nice flowers. The children saw different birds and were running behind them. The children were playing football and hide and seek game. There was a small hill and children enjoyed climbing it. Then the children had a special afternoon meal. For the evening snack, they had potato chips and ice cream party! All day, the children were so happy and excited for the next surprise. It was a wonderful day for the children.” — Holt sponsorship partner in India

Thank you for giving such special birthday celebrations to children around the world!

group of children holding balloons and jumping into the air

Give a Happy Birthday

You can give a birthday party, meal and present to a child in need!

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