Children get a special, nutritious meal each day at a Holt-supported preschool in Uganda. 

In the back of the room, bright blue, green, pink and red bowls are filled up. Children pray for their meal — then dig in! 

Every day, Holt donors help provide a special meal to the children here. 

And what makes their everyday meal at preschool so special? 

… Sugar on top! 

Every day in class, children eat a porridge made with local ingredients such as millet, soy, maize, cooked banana, greens, legumes, sweet potato or more. And there’s a tiny bit of cane sugar on top. 

Because sugar isn’t a regular part of their diet, it’s not unhealthy for them — and a big treat! 

“We add the sugar to ensure the kiddos will eat the porridge,” says our Uganda program manager. Because the kids eat the nutritious porridge every day, their bodies are growing stronger, and they can concentrate well in school. 

In the local community, Holt trains these children’s families to make nutritious porridge from ingredients they grow in their home gardens. They also learn to raise chickens as an inexpensive and always-available source of protein whether through eggs or meat. 

Thank you for giving children the nutritious food they need, both at preschool and at home, to grow healthy and strong!

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