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Food in a Time of Crisis

When all seemed lost, Holt donors provided the food families in India needed to survive. 

Several months ago, terrible rains fell in southern India. Entire villages flooded, and thousands of children and families were suddenly in crisis. But perhaps some of the most affected were the migrant families… 

In southern India, Holt donors help support families that have recently migrated from their villages in the countryside to the big city of Bengaluru in the south. Many of these families don’t even have their basic needs met while they look for work in the city, and try to build a new life. 

But when the floods came, everything got even worse. They didn’t have much to begin with, but now they had nothing. 

More than anything, these children and families needed food to get through the first days of the crisis. 

And right when they needed it, Holt donors stepped up to help — providing emergency food to 250 families in greatest need. 

You helped send warm lentil curry, vegetables and hard-boiled eggs especially for the children — vital protein to fill their bellies and help keep them from getting sick. 

Thank you for helping families in their time of greatest need. When all seems dark, your generosity is a warm light. 

A $58 gift of an Emergency Food Kit will give children and families lifesaving essentials when they need it most. 

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