Denise Needs a Family!

Photo of Denise, a sweet and bubbly girl, available for adoption

At 5 years old, Denise is a sweet and bubbly girl who loves to play games and dance! She also enjoys building with blocks and playing with toys that produce sound. She needs a loving, permanent family that will give her the love and care she deserves.

Denise has a high white blood cell count, a deformed skull, hydrocephalus and agenesis of corpus callosum. She also has a clouded spot over her left eye and a maldevelopment in her right eye.

But even with a perceived motor development delay, Denise can stand and walk on her own! She is also learning colors and numbers — all while improving her speech.

Denise, a child waiting for adoption, holding up her fingers to show how old she is

Denise can be quieter at times, but she loves to be close to her caregiver. She enjoys playing with others, and she often has a big smile on her face!

The best fit for Denise would be a loving, permanent family that can give her the care she needs to thrive. Her family should also have access to excellent medical and educational resources.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Denise? Please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at [email protected] or view her photolisting profile for more information.

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