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Colt Still Needs an Adoptive Family!

Colt is a cheerful five-year-old who is waiting for a loving adoptive family! A $10,000 Families Not Finances grant is available to help cover adoption costs.

Colt is described as a curious and friendly boy, who greets everyone with a smile. His caregivers say that they love how welcoming he is when he sees them. Some of Colt’s favorite activities are watching cartoons, trying on new clothes and playing with his best friend. He loves to play with balls and Legos!

Colt has Down syndrome and is developmentally delayed for his age. He walks and runs well and understands simple instructions. Colt communicates through simple, one-word phrases and gestures and is interested in interacting with peers and caregivers. He attends a special class for children with Down syndrome three days a week. On other days, he joins the other children at his care center to sing songs, dance and play games together.

The best fit for Colt is a loving permanent family with knowledge of or a willingness to learn about Down syndrome. Colt’s teacher believes he can thrive in an environment where his family will teach him new things with love, patience and encouragement.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Colt? Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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