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Clean Hands, Virus-Free Kids!

Holt donors gave 1,584 pieces of soap to students in Cambodia!

Handwashing has been more important than ever this year. A simple bar of soap and clean water were some of the most important tools for keeping communities safe during the pandemic.

But for children and families in poverty, it’s not that simple. Soap was more expensive than ever because of high demand, and many communities don’t have clean water to spare for washing hands.

That’s why handwashing stations were one of the most important ways Holt donors helped this year! You provided soap and water to wash hands in communities and schools in Haiti, in rural towns in Ethiopia and in orphanages around the world.

And in rural Cambodia, Holt donors helped provide 6,146 students at 11 different schools with handwashing stations. This included exactly 1,584 pieces of soap!

Schools had to follow strict hygiene practices in order to reopen the buildings to students. But many school districts — like this one in rural Cambodia — lacked the resources to do so.

Isn’t it crazy that a bar of soap could have kept children from returning to school? But instead, their schools were equipped for them to safely return.

Now, children wash their hands multiple times a day. They’re staying healthy, going to school and resuming a normal childhood — just as they should be. Thank you!

* Since this piece was written, schools have closed again in Cambodia due to an increased rate of COVID-19. But once schools reopen, children will continue to use these handwashing stations to remain healthy and safe while they learn.

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