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Three brothers standing and smiling

Carl, Dale and John Need a Family!

Brothers Carl, Dale and John are waiting for a family! They have a strong and positive bond, and hope to be adopted together.

Boy in collared shirt standing and smiling

Carl, Dale and John respect authority, follow rules and make friends easily. Their caregivers also say they listen to the adults in their lives!

Carl is the oldest of the brothers at age 14, and he is on target developmentally. He can adapt well, focus on tasks and projects and has great memory retention! Socially, he verbally expresses his emotions, gets along with peers and adults and also adapts easily to new environments.

Dale is 12 years old and in the middle. His caregivers describe him as a confident child who is curious and expressive, can share his likes and dislikes easily and is independent. He can give and receive affection and loves to give hugs! Carl interacts well with others, understand social contexts and takes initiative around others. Dale is described as a calm and empathic child, who does not throw tantrums and is not overly active. He has good focus and a strong determination to complete tasks that he begins.

Child in collared shirt sitting and smiling
Boy in collared shirt standing and smiling

John is 10 years old and the youngest brother. He is a calm child who can control his impulses and frustration in most situations. He can follow directions and rules, although has been known to push the limits at times. John is also on track developmentally except for some delays in speech and language which he receives support for. He and his brother Carl can be shy at first, so their adoptive family should anticipate that they could be slow to warm up initially.

Carl, Dale and John all enjoy playing board games as a family, going for walks together, attending community social events, going to the park and watching TV. They also enjoy going out for ice cream, playing soccer, running, singing and drawing. All three love animals and get along well with younger children!

An ideal adoptive family for this sibling group will have an understanding of TBRI®, be patient and loving, and have access to therapeutic and educational supports.

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