God Has Answered – China Adoption Story

For as long as she can remember, Liz Larson wanted to be a mom. But the China adoption process, by herself, tested her patience and perseverance. It took her more than 7,000 miles. But it also made her lean heavily into God’s promises for herself, for her daughter and for their new life together.

On days when Liz Larson’s journey to her daughter felt overwhelmingly long, she repeated three words to herself like a prayer. God has answered.

And on the morning she meets her daughter, she appears calm, attentive.

“I’m not nervous, really,” Liz says in the expansive marble lobby of the Kempinski Hotel, a favorite among adoptive families bringing home children from Shanxi province. “I’m just ready. I’ve been ready.”

Liz’s daughter is 2-and-a-half and the little Liz knows about her has come from email and photo updates, often translated from Chinese to English with minimal fanfare or specificity.

“According to her paperwork, she’s a shy, slow-to-warm kind of gal. She supposedly likes her doll. I don’t know much. You just get the paperwork and you have to trust it,” Liz says. “When I was waiting for the match, I wondered what she would be like. But then you get the match and you still don’t know what she’s like. You have a picture, but it’s just a picture.”

From Franklin, Tennessee — where Liz lives and works as a child and family counselor — to Taiyuan, China, it’s more than 7,000 miles. But as a single woman, the journey to motherhood — the journey to her daughter — has been more arduous than any physical distance.

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Do you know a mother like this?

Philippines Stacy 2015 5For many years, Holt has, with great admiration, witnessed once-struggling mothers in our family strengthening programs achieve amazing accomplishments for the health and well-being of their children. These mothers worked 15-hour days, earning pennies so that their children could eat and attend school. In Thailand, a mother took a job sewing palm tree leaves together for a mere $2 a day to help her 14-year-old daughter stay in school. In Haiti, a mother worked two jobs to support her daughters after her husband died in the 2010 earthquake.

Philippines stories 2Mothers would do anything for their children. They would give up everything just to see their children thrive and succeed in life. And nothing brings Holt greater joy than to help these mothers succeed for their children. When you purchase a Gift of Hope today, you help mothers help their children, too!
Chickens can help a widow feed her children nutritious eggs. When you purchase a “vocational training” Gift of Hope, a single mother could learn the valuable skills she needs to earn a steady income and help her family stay together.

By helping mothers, you help children! By purchasing a Gift of Hope today, you will change lives.

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Phillip Littleton
President and CEO

My Boys Never Forget Mother’s Day







By Carol Miller

My very first Mother’s Day was so over-the-top wonderful, I told my family there was no way they could ever top it! Then, it happened again. My boys know how to do it right!

I had waited a very long time to become a mother when we decided to adopt in the fall of 1989. My husband, Jim, and I started the adoption process, accepted Eric’s referral and began the wait for his arrival. We were told he would most likely arrive sometime in the summer of 1990. Surprise! We got a call at the end of April telling us that Eric would arrive on May 8th…just in time for Mother’s Day! That was the best give I could have ever received.

But the story gets even better. We decided Eric needed a sibling. So in the summer of 1991, we started the adoption process once again. On New Years Eve, 1991, we got a phone call about a little boy who needed a family. And once again, we started the wait. Surprise! We got a call at the end of April, saying that Alex would arrive on May 7th… just in time for Mother’s Day 1992! I was lucky enough to get the best gift ever on Mother’s Day, not once, but twice!


Alex arrives home!

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