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woman and children petting a cow

While you can give a Gift of Hope all year round, the holidays are the perfect time to give a tangible gift to a child or family in need, in honor of a loved one!

Gifts of Hope come in all shapes and sizes, and have the power to change a child or family’s life forever!

These are some of our favorite Holt Gifts of Hope going into this holiday season:

A Cow

On the cover of this year’s Gift of Hope catalog, we feature Joel (left) and Samuel (right) with a 2-day-old baby calf! Samuel and Joel attend a Holt donor-supported daycare program that our local partner provides free to vulnerable families in southern India, and their mom attends a peer support group for mothers there. These boys are all smiles because not only is this baby calf soft and cute — but it’s so important to their family! Cows provide fresh milk, which is delicious and provides the boys with critically needed nutrition. A cow also provides the opportunity to sell milk and other dairy products as extra income for their family, helping them to rise above poverty.

Cost: $500

Winter Coat

Winter can be extra cold for children living in poverty whose families can’t afford warm coats for them to wear. This is especially true for children living in places like northern China – where temperatures can get dangerously cold. But through Gifts of Hope, children receive warm coats each winter – like these boys in China! They attend a Holt-supported school, where 300 students received a knee-length puffer coat in pink, black, blue or red.

Cost: $32

Daycare & Preschool

In countries around the world, Holt’s free and low-cost daycare programs are life-changing for families living in poverty. They allow parents to work and earn a much-needed income, all while their children learn and play in a safe environment! The daycare this boy attends in Bangalore, India is designed for children and families who have migrated to the big city and need additional support. Every day, the children who attend this Holt donor-supported daycare program receive nutritious food, early childhood education and nurturing care while their parents work.

Cost: $50


In developing countries, preventable diseases such as measles and polio continue to threaten children’s lives. This has been especially true since the pandemic, when many families didn’t have access to regular doctor’s appointments and missed vital early childhood vaccines? for their children. That’s why the Gift of Hope of vaccines is so important! This little one in Uganda gave a quick cry after her vaccine, but will now be healthier and more protected as she grows!

Cost: $25

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to a single or struggling mom across the world. Not only does it empower her to earn an income sewing or mending clothes, but it’s an income-generating opportunity she can do from home without having to find childcare for her children. Where this woman lives in Thailand, dozens of women receive training to become seamstresses and sell their products locally and around the world to generate income!

Cost: $122

Playground Equipment

This little boy in Uganda loves going down the slide at his Holt-supported school! Moments before this picture was taken, children filled the full length of this slide – smiling as they slid down it together. Playground equipment like slides, swings, soccer balls, jump ropes and more provide a safe and fun way for children to be active and play while they’re at school.

Cost: $395

School Supplies

School supplies like pencils, paper and backpacks are small items that can keep a child from attending school. And for many children living in poverty, this is the reality. But for thousands of children — like this little girl in Cambodia — the gift of school supplies helps them get the critical education they need.

Cost: $13

An Egg a Day

At this preschool in southern India, children eat an egg every single day. And like this little girl, they all love it! Serving an egg a day is very intentional, because eggs are such a vital source of protein, iron, healthy fat and more. These nutrients are so essential for growing kids, especially for overcoming and preventing malnutrition.

Eggs are a critical part of our nutrition programs in impoverished communities and orphanages around the world, from India to Thailand to Haiti. Just $21 provides five children with an egg a day for a month!

Cost: $21

A Bicycle

In rural areas like where this boy lives in Cambodia, a bike can have an enormous impact. Not only does it provide a fun form of exercise and play, but it helps shorten the time it takes to get to school in communities where the nearest school can be miles from home. This is especially important for girls and young children, making their journey to school safer. A bike also gives a child more time to work on homework or spend time with family!

Cost: $88

Little girl holding a baby chick

Give a Gift of Hope

Give a lifesaving or life-changing tangible gift to a child or family in need. And this holiday season, give in honor of a loved one and they’ll receive a free card!

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